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    need help in restaurant/ cafe menu

    Hi everyone! My sister in law is opening up a restaurant/ cafe in a few months and she is conducting a survey on what popular foods do people usually order in a restaurant/ cafe. She is in the process of coming up with the final menu, what do you think should she include?

    Also, can you recommend a merchant solutions company for her payment transactions? thank you!

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    I would suggest googling the term P.O.S. which stands for Point Of Sale which will bring up loads of companies that will help you accept payments and even take orders!

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    Hi there. Thanks for posting. She's currently considering turning her iPad into her POS. We read about it online and it'll be cost-effective since she doesn't use her iPad much anyway.

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    There are places online that can help you. I think there are software options as well. I can't recommend any without experience so do some research!


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