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    What sport games do you like the most of all?

    How effective are they for your weight loss?

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    Well for the weight loss I prefer more 'classic' types of sport, I mean fitness, pilates and swimming. All of them were really effective in my case, the basic thing is making your favourite physical exercises regurarly and you'll see results after some time.
    Sport games in general can be effective for the weight loss too, however they're mostly helpful in addition to your main workout routine, especially considering that not all of them are convinient for playing during the whole year. Personally I like table tennis and football the most of all, I have rather goos skills for both games and often play them with my friends. I also like to watch matches translations, cheer for my fav teams and make bets on them sometimes too.
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    Running is pretty good and it helps to be in a good shape

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