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    I also like delivery services
    Quote Originally Posted by muse5 View Post
    We usually order food delivery services.

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    Well, I use such food delivery services infrequently, about once 3 in weeks, or once a month. And that's mostly when I want to order food from a restaurant that doesn't deliver on its own. And so I mostly order sushi or pizza and they are delivered by the restaurant itself. They have free delivery if you order for a certain amount. And considering that I always order a lot of food for the whole family, it is profitable for me. And in services such as Uber Its, you have to pay for delivery regardless of the amount you ordered.

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    I try to cook as much as possible by myself, but sometimes I critically have no time for that, everything I can is to choose between being hungry or to order something. I tried many food delivery services, but Grubhub suits me better than anything (these guys have great grubhub customer service by the way).

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    I sometimes order food delivery from the nearest supermarket via the Internet. And I find it inconvenient to buy milk on the Internet

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