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    Which is better, a better guitar or a better amp?

    Which is better, a better guitar or a better amp?

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    Short answer: a better amp, no doubt! This is my conclusion after playing on lots of different guitar and amp combinations, of various prices, over the years. However - regarding guitars - I think you have to start with something above beginner grade to get really good results. You may not get an $80 guitar to sound great, no matter what! A $300 - $600 guitar that is set up well, can sound fantastic through a good tube amp. On the other hand, your $3000 Les Paul will sound like shit on that cheap solid state amp you picked up in a beginner pack at Costco. Tone is subjective, and every guitar is different, but I’ve found that a a $500 guitar can sound as good as its $2000 “cousin” on the same high-quality amp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by safeji View Post
    Which is better, a better guitar or a better amp?
    Hi, if you like the sound of these pair, you have made a great choice. If there are still some hesitations, simply find some other amp. You see, I used to make a small research trying to find some good amp and should say that the best you can do is to check out this resource From the very title you could guess that it is specialized on amp reviews full of details and interesting facts. I`m very grateful to that platform, because it really saved my time and help make a choice. All the best


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