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    i've been making the best thing ever:

    cut up a couple of ripe mangos, mix them with a can of drained mandarin oranges, sprinkle with hot sauce, mix, and eat.

    i eat it like a salad, but it would probably be good as a salsa also. if the mangos are on the over-ripe side, you can add some lime juice.

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    it place, the there, you know, fourth left, by my, i forget.
    i tweaked a recipe called "pears taj mahal" - my recipe has disappeared though.. i need to organize my crap.

    three pears, split in half and cored, poached in boiling water and a cup of lemon juice for 5 minutes.

    chopped scallions, ginger, cucumber - maybe about 1/3 cup of each.

    mix with 1/2-3/4 cup of mayo, 2 teaspoons curry powder, 6 ounces of crab meat. do this in a seperate bowl, adding crab meat last, being careful not to shred it when mixing. a dash of salt and pepper wouldnt hurt either.

    stuff the crab mixture into the core of the pear, usually there will be a heap above it.

    bake until the crab browns a bit on, i guess maybe 15 minutes er so, at a temperature i cant recall.

    then it comes out super yummy. i served this recipe along with stuffed mushrooms. :)

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    this is a really old thread but i'll post anyway lol....

    -I LOVE LOVE LOVE pickle and pb sandwiches mmmm

    -a lot of my family members like cold ham, like tavern ham, sliced with pancake syrup on it, it is soooo good mmm

    -pineapple upside down biscuits, its not weird, juss different, u take about a cup of brown sugar, mix that with 1/3 cup of room temp butter, a and a can of crushed pineapple. take a muffin pan and put a maraschino cherry in the bottom of each cup and then put a big tablespoon of the pineapple mixture on the cherry and then juss put a canned biscuit on top of that, use the biscuits with 10 in a can, the buttermilk ones are best and then put a teaspoon of the crushed pineapple juice on top of each biscuit and then fill the other muffin pan cups that u didnt use with water so u dont burn ur pan and then bake at 350 until the biscuit are golden...i got the recipe from that paula dean show, i love her lol

    -bar-b-q chips with chocolate ice cream

    -instead of sour cream on my tacos and burritos, i like to use french onion chip dip lol yumm!

    -when i eat chicken nuggets or chicken strips, i make my own little sauce for them's a lot of lemon juice, hot sauce, salt, and pepper mixed together...omg yum!

    -when i eat oatmeal, after its cooked and everyting, i put butter, sugar and lots of cold milk in it, like to where its runny, it is really good lol

    -my favorite sanwich of all time!!!! lol...i take lettuce, tomato, and onion and chop it all up really really really small and then put salt on it and then i take a hamburger bun, and put zesty italian dressing on each side and the lettuce and stuff on it, and it is sooo yummmy i love it

    -i love honey mustard on absolutely anything, yes ANYTHING lol

    -i like to drink sprite pop mixed with lime sherbert ...mmmm

    -I am in love with ramen noodles lol...i like them soupy with lots of lemon juice and salt and pepper in them

    -i love lemon juice with just about anything

    -oh i live in west virginia, and we eat stuff here that no one else has probably never heard of lol

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    When I was preggers w/ my oldest son, I worked at a 24 hr restaurant. Breaktime meals often consisted of scrambled eggs w/ cheese and tabasco sauce or French fries dipped in hot fudge. Before that, either combo would've sounded sick, but when those cravings hit...:) To this day, my son eats hot sauce on everything.

    No cravings w/ my two daughters, though. However, my three yr old demands chocolate milk in her cereal (preferably chocolate cereal) and eats Nutella spread on white bread- a chocoholic like Mommy!!
    Plus, I am 5 months pregnant w/ son #2- no strange cravings yet. But French fries w/ hot fudge is starting to sound yummy....

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    since childhood i've liked cinnomon raisin bagels with butter or cream cheese and a FAT slice of onion.

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    rice with tomato juice, salt and pepper. its so good!!

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