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    Beer battered Fish and Chips! Sinful but heavenly... :-)

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    French fries and Ham and egg sandwich.

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    My favourite food is biscuit pudding.

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    Sweet tooth here! From cakes to doughnuts chocolate flavor is the best!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by E. Bess View Post
    Yeah, macaroni & cheese is where it's at, for me, the more different kinds of cheeses the better.

    Then again, sometimes plain 'ol Kraft from the box works wonders. Or Velveeta.... (damn, haven't had any of that in a while)
    Yes, yes! Me too. Kraft's Mac n Cheese is my favorite. I never get tired of eating that.

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    I love gelato. That is a treat I could eat every single night but since it is expensive, I only buy it every few months. It is really nice in the summer after spending all day outside.

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    Sushi rolls and waffles Regarding the last ones, I can't resist from visiting Waffle House at least 2-3 times a week, I think I will never refuse from this place (here are the waffle house reviews for those who never tried it).
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