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    Looking for Craft Show Guests for new DIY program

    We are on the hunt for crafty on-camera guests for a new DIY Network Craft Show (Title yet to be determined). The DIY Network is part of the Scripps family of cable networks that also includes HGTV, the Food Network, and Fine Living.

    We are looking for crafters to pitch ideas in all of the following categories:
    Batik/fabric dying
    Computer Crafting
    Gourd Crafts
    Paper-memory arts (not scrap booking)
    Paper-Stamping with mixed media
    Toy making
    Wax art
    Shrink plastic
    Paper making
    Beading (not jewelry)
    Metal and wire crafts
    Paper-altered books
    Polymer clay
    Paper clay
    Egg art
    Cake decorating
    Decorative Painting
    Floral Topiaries
    Kids crafts
    Nature crafts (fish prints)
    Soap making
    Stained glass
    Foam (Styrofoam)
    Doll making

    *Sorry, but this show is NOT looking for scrapbooking, wearable art, woodworking, needlework or jewelry.

    Wondering what we would need from you?

    --Each guest will need to be well-versed in the craft area they are presenting on the program. You shouldn’t submit projects that you’ve only done once or twice – we’re relying on you to know all about the craft area you’re presenting!

    --The guest should be able to provide finished samples of the project(s) we’re making as well as additional examples of projects that could be made with similar techniques. Please note: guests cannot demonstrate copyrighted works by other designers – original designs only unless you have written permission from the copyright owner. The guest will also acquire materials and make and bring step-outs for the project(s).

    --Because we only have one guest for the whole show, the guest needs to be able to present the how-tos of each project clearly to crafters of all skill levels – if you don’t like talking to crowds or getting your picture taken, this probably isn’t something you’ll enjoy.

    --Instructions (along with any necessary patterns or templates) for the project(s), contact information for yourself, and other info (such as books you’ve written) that will be submitted to DIY for use on their website, (go on over and check it out!).

    --We’ll be taping these shows in Burbank, CA between August 30 and September 30, 2005 so you need to be available for a few days of traveling and taping during that time period.

    Interested or know someone who might be? Just send along the following info and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can so we can talk to you about it in more detail.


    1. What’s your name and age?

    2. Where do you live?

    3. Please refer to the list above and let us know which of those topics you think you would fit into best (you can list as many as three categories).

    4. Also, what kinds of projects have you created, and what sorts of materials do you like to work with?

    5. Have you written any craft books? If so, tell us more about it/them!

    6. Have you taught anyone else how to do any of your crafts? If so, please tell us more abut it your teaching experiences!

    7. Have you been on television before? If so, what show(s) did you appear on and when?

    8. Any other exciting or interesting tidbits of info we should know about you?

    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

    -- Nicole White
    Associate Producer
    Screen Door Entertainment
    Phone: (818) 781-5600 ext. 116

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    I had a question. Why is Diy on digital cable here with comcast but not your basic comcast cable.Will the station expand sometime soon. I really like the station and the the web site,we did have a weeks preview at one time on cable and then I found out we really couldn't get it on basic cable.

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    I had a question. Why is Diy on digital cable here with comcast but not your basic comcast cable.Will the station expand sometime soon. I really like the station and the the web site,we did have a weeks preview at one time on cable and then I found out we really couldn't get it on basic cable.

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    Perhaps you might find my thread, entitled DIY: Something Ain't Right, located in the freestyle section helpful. There are numerous critiques and/or suggestions posted.
    We've got our fingers crossed.

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    DIY is a fairly "new" network (I believe it is in its 5th year) and it is growing fast. As far as the "I don't get the channel/cable provider" question goes, I really don't know much about that. I'm working as a producer for show content.

    The network is just getting into shows that appeal to the hip faction of craftistas. 2006 will bring several shows that are not "lame," but actually rather AWESOME. Look for the upcoming show STYLELICIOUS! It features members of the Austin Craft Mafia in all their stunning glory making cool clothes and accessories. I think you'll dig it. (And the content is 22 minutes. That's pretty good for a half hour show.)

    Anyway--this new craft show that I'm working on is NOT going to feature lame stuff! We don't want anything that would be considered "classic crafting." We want the edgy, strange and out of this world--so PLEASE, if you know someone, send them the info and have them e-mail me at

    I'm 26 years old. My friends and I all craft. We do subversive cross-stitch, make clothes, read BUST and love to RAWK! I want a show I can be proud of and that my friends are going to like. No smiling bunnies or teddy bears. Promise.

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    i think that the issue that a lot of us are having is not actually any sort of teddy bear or bunny content, but the goofiness, you know? like on crafters coast to coast, where the crafters are seemingly egged on to do or say something silly and it gets repeated over and over, you know? back in the day when i had the luxury of expanded cable service, i watched the show and liked the people that were on and the crafts that they did, but it just got too goofy and i honestly felt embarassed for them. i think everyone was lighthearted and interesting enough without all that. hopefully you'll bring a new light to the network and perhaps some day i'll have the luxury of getting to watch it again. good luck with it!


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