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    the crafters diet

    Inspired by The New York Diet article ( in New York Magazine, I thought I'd list what I ate yesterday...
    (All food was eaten at home in Lee, NH)
    July 21, 2005:

    6:50 am:
    1/2 glass of water.
    7:00 am: 1 cup of coffee with cream and sugar.
    7:30 am: 1/2 cup of coffee with cream and sugar.
    8:30 am: 2 pieces of raisin toast with loads of butter.
    11:30 am: 1 1/2 tomato and cream cheese sandwiches on rustic bread purchased earlier from Emery Farm in Durham and a glass of ice water.
    11:40 am: 1 handful of salt and vinegar potato chips.
    3:30 pm: a handful of crackers with olive cream cheese and a glass of ice water.
    3:30-6:30pm: random sips of water.
    7:00 pm: large plate of jasmin rice with zucchini, tomato, onion, and feta cheese. 1 ear of corn on the cob with butter and salt - first of the season! Glass of water.
    8:30pm: 2 s'mores made in the microwave and a cup of Tazo 'calm' tea.
    9:00pm: a couple of sips of water.

    Wow - I just realized that I didn't have any fruit yesterday - shame on me! I also eat way more chocolate during the day but I just ran out of my Hershey milk chocolate nuggets.

    Anyone else want to share their crafters diet?

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    omg i love microwave smores! i can barely remember what i ate yesterday, but so far for today:
    8:00 iced coffee with vanilla syrup and 1/2&1/2
    12:45 chicken chopped salad from Rubios
    and my sweetie is taking me out for steak frites for dinner tonight! some wine or beer might happen too...

    sadly i am not a professional crafter, so often what i eat is dictated by what is near my office (if i haven't cooked in awhile). if i worked at home, i would probably eat more, but better food. that salad i had has really good, but super creamy dressing and little bits of chips in it...

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    hmmm... This sounds like a scary kind of adventure. I should try it. I bet it would help me not eat so much.

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    today so far...

    12pm: 1 cup Kellogg's SmartStart cereal w/ 1% milk
    12pm: 8 oz. coffee (brewed at home w/ tap water), w/ coffeemate vanilla creamer
    1:30pm: 20oz. Diet Coke


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