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    sprouting/live foods

    This is my first time to visit consuming pleasures...I think I've been missing out! :)
    So I hope I'm not repeating a topic--if I am maybe someone can tell me where the thread is....
    I'm wondering if anyone sprouts? And if so, do you have any favorite recipes. I tried this 3 years ago and then got distracted or actually, I think I got engaged. Anyway, I didn't last long at all. But my husband and I are interested in trying this out. He usually does almost all of the cooking since that's what he does professionally--lucky me, eh?! I think I could really enjoy the non-cooking of live foods though. And I thought it'd be fun if I suprised him with something for a change. I started sprouting black beans and garbanzos today.
    Thanks to anyone who has some feedback! :)

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    Hiya! I almost always have something sprouting in my kitchen, usually, some mix of alfalfa/ clove/ radish that the old man orders from

    I'm no fan of sprouted beans. I find they taste a little funky and never digest well. But lots of people thrive on them. Check out for recipes....

    Sprouted quinoa makes a great tabouli for the gluten free folks in the house... and sprouted almonds are easier to chew and very tasty compared to their non-raw couterparts.

    I have played with raw foods for years now, and find them just slightly lacking... very good and health-restoring, but I can't seem to maintain it for more than a few months before I'm craving rice and green beans...

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    thanks kissmyknitz! that's cool that you've been at it for so long. those are actually the 2 sites that I found when searching. i'll explore them further.
    i used to have a friend who made "chili" and hummus from her sprouted beans so I guess that 's why I started with that. i'm going to try it all though! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kissmyknitz
    and sprouted almonds are easier to chew and very tasty compared to their non-raw couterparts.
    Hmm, sprouted almonds sounds yummy! I have to try it...

    I love alfalfa sprouts and as soon as I get around to it I'll start making some.

    Onion seeds are good too - I haven't sprouted them myself, but the supermarket had packages of alfalfa+onion sprouts mixed and it was delicious.


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    i just bought some sunflower seed sprouts from the farmer's market, and they are GOOD. the people who sell them grow sunflower seeds in soil and just shear the seedlings off. they taste a little bit like sunflower seeds.

    according to my reading, sprouted beans still need to be cooked or they're just too indigestible.


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