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    good vegatarian lucng ideas

    i am a senior in high school and i need some good ideas for lunch. I am a vegatarian and i take my lunch because the food the school serve is gross. Much help and ideas needed

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    I don't know if your hs has a microwave, but Amy's Foods make really good vegetarian and vegan foods. I ate one of thier vegan pizzas [I'm not a vegan or veggie, but I like to try the food sometimes to compare it to "normal" versions], and it was really really good.

    As for lunch things.
    Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches are good, and you'll get protien.
    Celery and carrot sticks with dip? Crackers. Water or juice boxes to drink.
    Hummus and tortillas are a really yummy snack, and you can mix things into the hummus to flavor it.

    I know it says it's for "kids" but there are actually some really good ideas in there.

    They also have a recipe section

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    i'm a vegetarian as well, and i bring a lot of cold leftovers for lunch to work---pasta salad keeps very well unrefridgerated (as long as it doesn't have mayo in it). going along with the theme of cold salad, you could whip up a big batch of a 3-bean salad (black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, chopped onion and bell pepper, some sort of vinaigrette) and take potions of that to school as well--that can be eaten cold and keeps well, too (plus, it' super-easy).

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    Make vegetarian sandwiches. Even when I wasn't a vegetarian, I used to make a good sandwich that was cucumber, spinach, roma tomato, and mushrooms with some parmesan and a dressing or sauce. It was like a salad on bread but so much better.

    Now I eat avocado with sprouts on sandwiches. Sometimes with a thin layer of cream cheese.

    Cucumber sandwiches are good. Even just tomato. With mayonnaise or miracle whip or nayonnaise.

    If anything, you can bring healthy snacks of things like carrots and cheese and breads, something to tide you over so that you don't buy junk food at lunch.

    When all else fails, you can buy mealbars and take those to lunch so that you're getting enough nutrients. If you have a way of keeping your food cool for the day, you could try bringing boiled eggs or egg salad.

    You could also bring a tupperware full of homemade guacamole or some salsa and some tortilla chips. Or you could make your own tiny veggie pizzas and bring those along. If you have a microwave at school you can use, this could help a lot.

    Hope some of that helped!

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    if you eat eggs, you can make a frittata:

    cut into four wedges. they can be refrigerated and eaten cold along with salad greens.

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    Keeping it cold at school

    If you don't have fridge access at school and if you like those little juice boxes, just freeze one the night before and use it as an ice pack. By lunch time it will be a juice slushy and it will keep your lunch cold. I love egg salad sandwiches myself.
    You can take the Amy's frozen things for lunch, and just subtract about a minute from the cooking time if they defrost a little. I ate Amy's for lunch a lot at my 9-5 and the Linda McCartney stuff is pretty good too, but Amy's uses more organic ingredients. I recommend Amy's brown rice and veggie bowl and the fake meat meal that comes with the apple dessert (can't remember the name, but the one without apples was not as good). Linda McCartney's butternut squash ravioli with the mushroom cream sauce was really good as well.
    Good luck! Get Crafty is a great place to ask for advice!

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    Oops, double post, sorry! Lesson: don't use the back button kids!

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    I wasn't even vegetarian back then, but I still had a hard time eating healthy in high school. A lot of that was helped when I moved out and had to start cooking for myself. You get much more interested in cooking things for dinner that you *know* will make great leftovers for the next day.

    As far as good healthy snacks, I second bringing veggies, etc. Also, I like to have a big bag of almonds and walnuts - great for protien, yummy, and easy to snack on to ward off the munchies. Also, a great snack alternative to vending machine food is Soy Crisps - they taste like you're being naughty, but they're actually not bad for you!! My fave is the Garlic & Onion.

    That all said, I will also second the "veggie sandwich." I really like the fake deli meats they have out there - Yves Veggie Cuisine is really good. They have fake turkey, fake bologna, etc - usually in the refrigerated "tofu" section of the store. I just throw those on some bread with lettuce, and maybe cheese & tomatoes and whatever else you've got, and then I bring a little baggie of mayonaise (with some ground pepper if you like). Come lunch time, just cut a corner off the baggie and squeeze it onto your bread a la pastry chef, and you've got yummy lunch! Keeping the mayo separate keeps it from getting too soggy. Also, you could do as soapandwater mentioned, and just use your favorite salad dressing! OR bring one of those single serving packets of cream cheese. Yum!

    Good luck!

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    im a teacher, so im probably on the same schedule as you are in terms of timing. i used to bring a yogurt (regular, none of that aspartame crap), a clif bar, some nuts, carrot & celery sticks, and half of a peanut butter and jelly. i needed every bit of those carbs and protiens to make it through the day! and all of those items kept well in my bag and were easy to eat on the go.... and they were REAL easy to pack at seven am when i was running out the door.

    whenever i had left overs, like lentils, beans and rice, or any other easily portable meal, i brought those along.

    good luck!

    ps. i also liked hard boiled eggs and cheese cubes.
    pps. bugs on a log are fun, too. very fifth grade.

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    im vegan so its hard to find things to eat for lunch but here is what i normally eat...
    hummus with pita a slice of tomato or cucmber. some yummie flaxseed chips.. a pickle and a peice of fruit.
    or i will eat all natural peanut butter on whole wheat with fruit and wheat thins.
    sometimes i make roll ups with soy dressing and lettuce tomato cucumber raisains and nuts and eat a peice of fruit with it...
    cold spagetti marianara is really good too. pasta salads are great cause you can make a huge batch and have it all week....

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