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    I used to work in the supplements area of a health food store. We had a lot of "cleanse kits" that were used to rid your body of candida, a yeast that lives in your intestines. It has been said that these little parasites left to grow unchecked are responsible for everything from bowel disorders to allergies. It requires a LOT of discipline to stick with this program. If you don't follow through with the complete cleanse, the yeast won't all be killed and it will multiply again. Some kits last months (I was recommended to start with a 3 month cleanse) and some last weeks. The people I know that used these, swore by them. It isn't easy. You will experience lots of cravings and discomfort because the yeast is trying to survive the cleanse. I admit that I never tried it. There were times when I did just want to detoxify my system but, I guess I didn't want to take it that far. I think it's rewarding but, only necessary for people with a significant overgrowth of candida.

    There were a lot of people who would come in for these or "Noni juice" because they wanted to get skinny or pass a drug test. This isn't really the purpose of these supplements.

    All that being said, I think lots of raw vegetables and unrefined products is the way to go for a general body cleansing and overall good health. Vegetable juice tonics are incrediblely detoxifying because all of that nutrition is condensed. Kale and spinach are good for detox. There are herbal supplements that can help like psyllium husk or cranberry but, don't assume that just because it's an herb it's good for your body. Always do your research. Certain things work for certain areas of the you want to cleanse your liver or your lungs, etc. Also keep in mind that getting rid of toxins can really tax your immune system. Drink herbal teas that support the function of the organs you are cleansing. I think that if you can keep your diet full of lots of antioxidants, greens and water your body will be very happy! Drinking lots of water works miracles!!!!!!

    Supplements by New Chapter are excellent. They are pricey but worth it. They have some herbal tonics like Smokeshield and Xyflamend that are really detoxifying.

    I found this and thought it was pretty informative

    And, I loooooooove this site! It has these power meals (healing kitchen)where you can pick an ailment (like anxiety or allergy) and they give you a really good recipe with lots of helpful vitamins.

    Good luck and good health-Karla

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    Hello Peanut,

    I've done some light fasting before and also some detox meals. It can be good for your system as long as you are gentle about it. Nothing that Roto Rooter might use.....

    But another thing to consider is if you are taking any MEDICATIONS. That's part of the reason I'm posting because nobody else did. There are a number of medications where you need to take them with food, or you really really need to have food in your system for them to operate properly in your bloodstream. So if you are on ANYTHING, check with your doctor first about this fasting thing. My doctor put me on an antihistimine and when I mentioned fasting - he was really really not so thrilled with it. So I suggested a day of veggies and brown rice and he said okay. Its better to play it safe with your body.

    :) Abigail

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    hey all,
    you know, i've started eating brown rice, steamed veggies, and this yum sauce made out of a little tahini, applecider vinegar, and garlic. Plus, smoothies with organic yogurt, fresh fruit, and wheat bran. also, green tea, and herb tea, and tons of water. dude, it's pretty good to go all health-food for a couple days, and i think it's been pretty effective for me...and mellower than fasting. maybe i'll build up to fasting. I can't believe how lousy I was eating at the end of the quarter....and that I used to eat all healthy like this all the time (before college, so long ago). Anyhow, I'm sticking with the "west coast fiber/produce diet" for a little, then maybe i'll go juice fast....

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    Hi Peanut,

    I've fasted in the past, for the same reasons you mention. My skin doesn't seem to respond real quickly, but all-in-all it feels really good to just give your body a break from all the crap.

    The way I usually structure it is like this:

    - First day brown rice, raw veggies & fruit
    - Second day raw veggies & fruit
    - Third day juice
    - Fourth day water only
    - Fifth day juice
    - Sixth day raw veggies & fruit
    - Seventh day brown rice, veggies & fruit

    I supplement with echincea/goldenseal while I'm doing this. Also important is no caffeine & no alchohol during the fast.

    Good luck & hope you start feeling better!

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    I intend to fast for 21 days, starting from Friday 12am (4 Feb) to Thu 11:59pm (24 Feb). I will not eat anything in these 21 days and will only drink water. Coincidentally itís the same length of time I recommend when it comes to cultivating new habits (though I donít see fasting as a habit, at least not as far as conventional habits go like flossing teeth or meditating daily). My other work appointments during this 21-day period are 1-1 coaching and should be manageable.

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