View Poll Results: What do you call that essential bread-based Thanksgiving side dish?

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  • dressing

    7 19.44%
  • stuffing

    19 52.78%
  • both: "stuffing" and "dressing" have different meanings

    10 27.78%
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    Manukenkun, that's not stuffing! Stuffing comes in a turkey, not in a box!!

    Ok, lame joke, but I do think from-a-box stuffing is kinda gross. Ew. Any bread product that can last that long in a box kind of creeps me out!!!

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    Dressing :)

    Stuffing is torn pieces of bread and stuff just kinda there together. I love the texture of dressing that''s not too dry but not mushy. MMMMMM That is the only time I eat cornbread Just made a pan to sit out for Thursday. When it sits for a day or so, it hold up better.

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    Ooh, Miss E, can you give more details on the Chinese stuffing recipe? I *love* cloud ears and other yummy fungi.

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