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    Favorite party food!!

    Hey folks--
    My husband and I are throwing a party this weekend. It will fall somewhere between a college throwdown and a "grown-up" soiree. We're having a keg, but I want to offer guests something to eat besides potato chips and pizza! What are your favorite appetizers / party dishes to make? I'm so excited! It's our first gathering since we moved into our new house. I've been working for a couple of weeks making pretty glass luminaries and lanterns!
    Thanks in advance for all your yummy suggestions!


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    (moving this to 'consuming pleasures' so it will get undivided foodie attention and won't get lost in 'freestyle!')

    and actually, i almost always make pizza, but mini french bread (or baguette) pizzas and they always go over really well.

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    how about a quick pasta salad- throw together cheese tortellini, store-bought pesto sauce and some pine nuts-- voila!

    and man i love those cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates they serve at tapas places:

    very fancy and tasty but pretty speedy to make.

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    This may be too much work, but for my first grown-up party, I made little pie shells in mini-muffin tins. Then I filled some of them with goat cheese and some of them with tapanade. You might be able to get pre-made shells, which would simplify things.

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    I second the baked brie idea, but I like it best with brown sugar on top!

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    Some of my party basics are...bagels and spinach dip, taco dip, tortilla roll ups (taco seasoned cream cheese and sour cream, with cheese and anything else you want, rolled into a flour tortilla then cut up) or ham, cream cheese, and pickle roll ups. These are all pretty simple.

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    It all depends on how much time you want to spend, how many people you're having, how hearty it needs to be, and whether or not you want to use forks.

    I make all kinds of bean dips. There's black bean dip or black bean & mango salsa. I also do a hot bean dip, which is made from refried beans and cheese. I also do a layered one that has cream cheese topped with a can of chili and cheese, onions, etc. (Served with fritos.) I often do guacamole. All of these are hearty and one-dish simple.

    I like nice nuts! I either get fancy spiced ones at my favorite nut shop, or I get some mixed nuts at Sam's and then spice them up. (Microwave 2 cups mixed nuts and then toss with a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon cayenne, 2 teaspoons brown sugar, and 1 tablespoon melted butter. Serve hot.)

    You can't go wrong with a nice block of cheese with crackers. Have you tried Parrano? It's a Dutch cheese, but is creamy and nutty tasting - not unlike the Italian ones like parmesan.

    You can get those little bitty shells and fill with all sorts. Like a squirt of pesto and a piece of goat cheese. Heat til warm.

    That's a start. Hope it helps. I love party food. In fact, I am already looking through my magazines and recipe files in advance of the "festive season" and all the entertaining opportunities there will be.

    By the way, I just got a recipe for edamame hummous that I can't wait to make.

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    I'm actually planning a birthday tapas-ish party myself, so thanks from me as well for the yummy ideas!

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    i made a great pimento cheese spread/dip the last time i had folks over-
    8oz cream cheese/neufchatel
    2 c shredded sharp cheddar
    few squirts of lemon juice
    +/- 1/2 c roasted red/yellow peppers- chopped
    2 stalks celery- minced
    handfull or two of pumpkin seeds (or nuts- whatever) toasted
    few leaves of spinach or kale- chopped

    mix the cheeses and lemon juice in a food processer or blend by hand until smooth/creamy. fold in the chopped peppers and celery. put in a cute bowl. top with chopped greens and toasted nuts. serve with crackers and celery.

    holy crap. this was sooo good.

    i usually make cheese sandwiches on french bread-- get some fresh mozz- chop it real fine. blend with pesto, roasted or sun dried tomatoes, olives or anchovies, roasted peppers, and salt&pepper. schmear it on the french bread & eat the crap out of it.

    hummus is always good.

    i saw a show on the food network once where they served mashed potatoes at a party and had all kinds of things laid out to put on top (sour cream or yogurt, bacon bits, chives, different cheeses, pesto, salsas, etc) it seemed pretty cool and who doesn't love mashed potatoes?!?

    i've been to parties before where the hostess had a pot of black beans, a pot of rice, and a pot of plaintains (yucca once too) on the stove for people to help themselves to during the evening. just put out tortilla chips, plain yogurt or sour cream, and salsa to go with it. mmm.

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    Often when we have people over I make a few things like salmon dip and crackers, and cookies and supply beer and a botttle of alcohol such as gin or vodka and a few mixers, then all our guests bring a snack or beverage of their choice. I like to incourage the whole craving thing. This weekend we had friends over and while we did the above one of our friends was craving spinach dip and another cheeses and bread and another was for pecan pie and wine. So we ended up with plenty of food and lots of fun sharing the recipes. This way everyone will end up with something there that they like and you don't have to break the bank to get together.
    Spinach dip:
    one can of smoked salmon
    8 oz. softened cream cheese
    3 Tbs. parmesan
    2 cloves pressed garlic
    salt and pepper to taste
    mix up in a bowl and put out with bread and crackers

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