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    freezing bread dough?

    so i want to make my cinnamon rolls to have for new year's at a friend's house. the thing is, i don't want to waste precious party time kneading dough and getting my party clothes all messy. i'd like to have the pan all ready to go for the morning.

    i made these for christmas morning and had them chilled in the fridge and ready to rise and bake in the a.m., but i have a 45 minute drive to get to the suaree on new year's eve and don't want them to rise on the way up, only to have to put them back in the fridge and wind up with cinnamon hockey pucks for breakfast..... i thought about just partially cooking them, but they will be sitting in caramel gooiness until i finish them up.

    any tips? or should i just nix the idea all together?

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    I'd make and shape them, then freeze them. Grab your handy cooler, wrap the pan in a towel, and pack them on ice for the trip to your friends. If they are frozen, they will take a good 8-12 hours to thaw and final rise (not in the fridge).

    Good luck!

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    This is obviously a bit late, but why not bake them completely and then freeze them? That's what we do...there should always be a bag of cinnamon rolls in the freezer (well, not in mine at the moment, as I've eaten them all! :-).

    They thaw quite quickly in room temperature, or can be gently heated in the oven. Nuking them makes them weird and squishy, though.

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    We've had pretty good luck freezing pizza dough in the Ziplock containers.


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