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    A very UN healthy breakfast

    ...or what i assume to be unhealthy.

    but its incredible, and a great alternative from gross Mcdonalds egg sandwitches...

    2 rolls (i like soft rolls, my boyfriend loves hard rolls...pretty much whatever you like will work.)
    2 eggs
    a bit of onion
    cream cheese
    tad of butter

    first, melt the butter and cook up the onions. I like them just a little bit crisp still, in the meantime split your rolls and put on a bit of cream cheese on one side. when the onions are done, put them on the cream cheese so it gets nice and melty. then in the hot pan throw in the eggs. since the pan is hot, it'll take about fifteen seconds to cook the eggs. then scoop the eggs on top of the onions, pepper it, and oh my word; it's the best thing ever with a nice dark roast on a rainy morning.

    my roomate adds salsa and peppers, my mom added ham, my dad wanted to add pickled herring (yick) but i didn't have any. my sister added some flavored rice they had when she tried it. highly customizable, and really anyone and everyone has already made it. But i had to share my love of these naughty little breakfasts.

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    oh, yum!

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    I keep misreading thread titles today, I thought "what does the UN have to do with breakfasts?"

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    teagrrl you just cracked me up!! i almost spit coffee all over my beloved little ibook!!

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    my partner and i eat something very similiar together on sunday mornings! yummy...

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    Oh I love those.

    I make eggs sandwiches with different cheeses/meats at least 3 times a week--my DH loves them and yeah they are high in fat; but all protein plus a yummy roll is very filling and then he won't be hungry until lunch time--note we eat fruit or drinks juice with this to get a bit more vitamins.

    Ok our favorite variation is:

    Homemade Biscuit
    Fried egg
    cheddar cheese
    and sliced as thin as possible turkey

    After the egg is fried I put the cheese on top and then the turkey on top of that and flip it to reheat the turkey and get the cheese nice and melty.


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    my favorite is a wedge of fried polenta, a piece of paper thin prescutto, a poached egg and loads of parmesan cheese on top. YUM YUM YUM. great with a glass of pinot grigio in the morning.


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