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    not eating breakfast

    k so i never used to eat breakfast and i have to go a long time before i eat lunch (7:30 breakfast-1:00 lunch) and i noticed that if i eat breakfast, i am hungrier sooner than if i dont eat. does anyone know why this might be?

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    Is your breakfast mostly or only carbs (bagel, toast, cereal, fruit, etc)? If you're not eating enough protein with your breakfast, you might get hungry sooner. The carbs increase your blood glucose, and when that falls off in a couple hours, you get an insulin increase which makes you hungry again. At least I think it works something like that...

    I eat high protein cereal and that seems to solve the problem.

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    Yes...eating some protein definitely helps. An egg, some low fat cheese, a little bit of peanut butter or a handful of nuts, Ummmmmmm....that's all I can think of. It really DOES help keep you from getting that hunger crash in the late morning.

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    Have your dinner eating habits changed? I find my morning hunger is highly dependent on how much dinner I had.

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    You're probably "over-hungry". You know how you sometimes go "beyond" hungry when you haven't eaten in a long time? Sounds like that's what happens. When you eat breakfast, your body goes back into its normal state of getting hungry every 3-4 hrs. At least that's how I interpret it.

    I get that way if I go to bed on an empty stomach - I wake up tired and dizzy from low blood sugar, whereas if I eat something before I go to bed I usually wake up hungry. It's just timing.

    I second eating more protein to stay full longer. Also more fiber.

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    i second teagrrl...

    i've heard that after a certain point, your body starts shooting brain chemicals to tell you you're not hungry, because you're body just thinks you're starving, and there's no point in feeling hunger pangs if you're not going to do anything about it.

    i'm not into fasting, but i know that after a certain period of fasting, you don't feel hungry anymore. i have a feeling it's similar to pain and tattooing (which i am familiar with). at first a tattoo hurts like heck, but after a while, your body figures that you're not going to run away from the pain, so it might as well stop sending those pain signals as much, and the pain decreases markedly. i should ask a neurobiologist about that...

    anyways, yeah, just because you don't feel hungry in the morning doesn't mean your body isn't craving fuel. if you go to bed two hours after eating dinner, sleep 8 hours, and don't eat until lunch, that's 14 hours you have gone without giving your body fuel.

    it's kind of silly, but i do think of food as "fuel" because i have a hard time remembering to eat regularly and makinf myself eat healthy food. if i think of food as something my body needs to function, it's easier for me to make time to eat good food when i need to.

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    Eating in the morning gets your body working, and gets the digestive system going, so I suspect it's operating at minimal activity or in "sleep" mode until there's some food in it to work on, at which point it starts up the gears and needs to be fed with some regularity.

    I never used to eat in the morning but I have to have something now because I have IBS/generally sluggish digestive system. I definitely find things work better when I put something in my stomach (usually when I get to work).


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