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    mr. coffee tips?

    Anyone have crafty tips and tricks for getting the most out of office coffee makers? they're so hard to clean and the coffee never tastes that great.....


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    well, use decent coffee, for one thing. and use enough of it. i use a heaping tablespoon of grounds for each cup, then throw in a couple of scoops for good measure.

    i am of the school of thought that coffee makers rarely need to be cleaned. i rinse the pot out every time i use it, but other than that, i don't clean them.

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    do you use tap water for the coffee? if so how is the water? sometimes that can make a difference.

    and use good coffee!

    here we sometimes put a bit of cinammen in with the coffee grounds while brewing...

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    We just started using our coffee pot again not to long ago, after our french press shattered on the floor :(.
    There was an Alton Brown episode of Good Eats that was very helpful in making a great cup of coffee. If you can happen to catch that episode it is very helpful. Here is a link to his tips.,00.html
    We just use a regular Mr. Coffee with the glass pot. But fresh ground coffee helps, I usually do a couple days worth at a time and keep it in an old coffee canister. Use filtered water and after I brew a pot I turn it off, the heating element keeps it warm enough to get a couple cups worth without leaving it bitter.

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    perhaps it needs to be cleaned. run through white vinegar and and then several pots of clean water through it. other than that, it's probably not the coffeemaker but your water and/or ground coffee of choice. what kind are you using?

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    If it's not making good coffee, definitely try using good water, and cleaning out the pot like suggested above. We have hard water and my mom says the coffee gets really gross when it's full of mineral deposits.

    You can also use the "coffee" pot to make tea. Just put the teabags in the basket instead of the coffee grounds. We have a seperate Bunn "coffee" pot for tea because my dad and I drink tea like most people drink coffee.
    It's a lot easier than making a cup at a time.

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    I am a big coffee fan, but I have always gone with the office coffee even when it wasn't the tastiest, just because it was usually free! I could have brought my own in, but the offices I've worked in are pretty big, as in, 100 people are on the floor with 3 pots, and pot of coffee goes in about 10 minutes, so making my own would be really tricky.

    I know that there are a lot of flavored creamers out there that people like. That might help with the flavor? I tend to keep some Vanilla Silk (soy milk) in the fridge. I find that it helps the flavor a lot, without all the fat of half-and-half. And it seems a lot more natural and healthy to me than whatever is in non-dairy creamer...

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    Your all-in-this mode is really tough, everyone may have no trouble realizing it, Thank you very much. atari breakout


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