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    Vegan Wheat bisquit recipe

    This recipe is meant for a large quantity, about 14 or so bisquits. i divide it in half for home. It's healthier- but obviously not fat free. i also have an almond gravy recipe, if anyone wants it. Unfortunatly, it's in my head, so it won't be too precise. But these, here, are great!

    8 c white flour
    8 c wheat flour
    1/3 c baking powder
    1T salt
    7 bars margarine
    1 c applesauce
    1 quart soy milk

    The water is the tricky part. I usually make it pretty moist, probably about 8 cups, but I always do it to the consistency that I know, it is not bread dough, it should be more moist than that, you may have to experiment. The dough should be able to be scooped in a icecream scooper, and not drool out. let me know if you have any problems. I cook them at 350 for about 25 minutes.

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    I would love the almond gravy recipe; it's really hard to find good vegetarian gravy recipes. One of my favorite restaurants sometimes has a vegetarian mushroom gravy with biscuits for Sunday brunch and it is sooo wonderful! Thanks for the biscuit recipe too, I consider myself an expert and can't wait to try these out.

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    Woohoo for Texas biscuits!
    Yes, please post the almond gravy recipe. My husband and I love biscuits and gravy. I'll have to give your biscuit recipe a try. Does the applesauce make them sweet?

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    Then you add Almond gravy, voila!

    i think the applesauce makes the bisquits moist, & makes up for the lack of egg. i think it's a common substitute in vegan baking. One weird sub i have seen is saurkraut in a cake... It was ok!

    This is the bomb. I ate this almost every day for five years at a restaurant i worked at. Before that, i was a rabid fan!
    water/soy milk
    rice flour
    almond gravy
    soy sauce
    garlic powder and pepper to taste

    What i do is use more soy milk and less water. i would start with maybe a cup or two soymilk, and a cup of almond butter. (If you can get the almond butter bulk, look for the cheapest variety, it can cost a lot!) Heating the milk & almond butter, i also add so(which gives this gravy it's salt & unique taste. You won't believe it!), say a table spoon at first. Then you start adding some Rice flour, maybe a table spoon at the most, very slowly, stirring while you add it. You have to be careful with the flour because the sauce will thicken. Next i would add about a half tablespoon or less garlic powder, & maybe a teaspoon pepper. Taste the gravy. It should be salty enough, & taste rich. Mess around with it until you think you're ready to eat it.

    i'm sorry this recipe isn't too exact, but i will post a better version when i can.

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