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    What should I make for dinner tonight?

    My girlfriend and I take turns making one another dinner one night a week. We're trying to lose weight - so big flavors and low fat is kind of the goal.

    I defrosted some chicken and am stopping by the produce stand on the way home from work. Any great ideas?

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    stir fry! you can have rice or noodles or not have rice or noodles; fresh ginger and garlic, a pepper, a carrot, some broccoli--it'd be pretty tasty. You can add basil for heat, too, and make a soy sauce slurry (ie, soy sauce w/ cornstarch, so it thickens) to give it some sauce.

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    its kinda late but i always like making grilled eggplant, tomato and feta towers: eggplant on bottom then feta square and then tomato. drizzled with a little olive oil with couscous on the side (a mix is easiest with a flavoring like garlic or parmesan) and fresh frut for desert

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    Simplicity is the key

    Grilled chicken or baked, steamed broccoli or beans, cous cous or rice, or mash po's. Little bit o'salad. We have the same goal here (well, i do, for us) so i try to make big meals that are healthy. Braggs is a kind of health nut topping that is a great sub for butter, at least to me.
    Also, i want to point out that weirdly tomatoes work well in substituting fat type things in food. Say, making something mexican... the salsa does wonders, and it's wonderfully low fat! Tomatoes give a full texture, moisture. They trick you into thinking you are eating something naughty...
    Enjoy whatever you end up with...

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    Holy cr@p do those towers sound good Joyosaurus. I always think I'm so fancy when I "plate" my dinner.

    We went with a variant on miapig's idea. A little tequila lime grilled chicken, a ton of grilled peppers and tomatoes with rice.

    I also bought some broccoli and asparagus and pea pods at the produce stand, so stir fry may be the plan for tonight. I was waylaid last night because my skillet was in the dishwasher and I'm too lazy to wash it by hand.

    Thanks for all of the great ideas guys!


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