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Thread: pasta making

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    pasta making

    does anyone know if I can freeze homemade pasta (pre-cooked) for later use? if so - how long would it keep for?

    i am going to try my hand at this over the weekend and would appreciate any advice people may have...


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    I often freeze my homemade pasta, I always end up making far too much for me to use in one go. Plus it saves time when I want to eat something yummy and homemade.

    I freeze it uncooked, I usually let noodles dry for 20 minutes first or if it is filled pasta, then I cook it first, drain it, and then put it in ice cold water straight away. Drain it again and dry it. I then freeze it in bags or tubs.

    It should keep for a couple of months.

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    yes it should keep for a couple of months. When we make homemade pasta we always make more than we are going to eat for later use.

    Also you can check into a foodsaver.

    We were looking into getting one but my fiances parents are buying a new one and giving us their old one. It's great and helps food stay fresh and keep longer

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    thanks so much!!

    pasta turned out great this weekend too - i am definitely going to try it again freeze...


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