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    Having Fun or Being Good

    Which is more important to you in your art/craft, having fun or being good at it?

    I was thinking about this earlier today because I was painting some post cards with pastels. I bought a set about a year ago and have learned a few things from books, but everytime a class comes around I don't have the money or the time. I wondered if I did finally get around to taking a class if it would ruin the fun for me. Would I worry more about my technique and get frustrated because something didn't come out the way it should. Right now I just sit down and paint. I like playing around then going "hey look what I made." Someday I hope to get around to taking a class so I can do thing properly, but for right now I'll just be happy "playing".

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    The plus side of taking a class is so that you understand the rules and understand how to break them.

    Creating art or craft is a bit serendipitous. You may know your medium well, but something can still surprise you in the application.

    Perfection is a goal for some, but I definitely go more for the process. Fun, if you will.

    Without a class, you can still teach yourself and come up with cool applications.

    A certain amount of discipline and a few boundaries can be good for the creative process. The boundaries can be artificial. Can you paint a sky without using blue, can you make earrings without using beads, can you write a short short story of less than 500 words? It may not be art, but it is a process that furthers your understanding of your chosen medium.

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    Fun is first before skill that's for sure.

    I'm quite skilled with figure/still life illustration. I've been drawing since I was a kid, and went to art school for 5 years. Ok, so I am now in the graphic design industry but haven't picked up a drawing pencil in years. I found it more fun to tinker with the computer to create my art. I'm also finding crafting a whole lot of fun as well. But I can't say that I'm very good at it.

    There are PLENTY of great and established artists out there who are self-taught. I think this is because they were having fun with their art first and foremost, and everything else (deep knowledge, expertise, experience and the like) came after naturally.

    So I say play and have fun!


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