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Thread: chicken kebobs

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    chicken kebobs

    hello everyone I am brand new to this site. I am throwing a surprise party on saturday and I wanted to make chicken kebobs, but something out of the ordinary, what do you think of chicken, bacon, pineapple and mushroom kebobs??

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    That sounds good! Are you going to wrap the bacon around the chicken? That would probably give it more flavor. Or you could thread it around each piece.

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    I think it sounds great! You might want to serve them witha mango chutney, or with tropical drinks- even non-alcoholic drinks can be made special by adding tropical fruit as garnish.
    You could also marinate your chicken first in a little soy sauce.

    Also- welcome!

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    YUM! pineapple and bacon is such a winning combo!

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    I personally would leave out the mushrooms. You could alternate the chicken and pineapple on the skewers, and thread the bacon like a ribbon in between each layer. That would look really great and the flavor would be awesome. To keep it moist during grilling, you could baste with pineapple juice flavored with thyme and pepper flakes (red pepper if you like it a bit spicy). You could serve them over white rice as a side (stir in some fresh parsley for color if you want) and serve a tropical cocktail. Simple and yummy!

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