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    thanksgiving question

    My friend is doing a fundraising thanksgiving meal and she has the main course and the desert planned but she has had problems researching what a suitable starter would be. I was hoping someone might be able to provide some ideas?

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    Hi there -

    The Thanksgiving meal is one in which most people overdo it --- eating way too many veggies, green bean casseroles, mashed sweet potatotes, and too much turkey and dressing/stuffing.

    For that reason, most people don't have a starter per se. The host might have some snacks sitting out - such as cheese and crackers, or olives, nuts, that sort of thing.

    Then you just sit down and pass the dishes around.

    Perhaps others on this board have other ideas, however.

    Good luck - and welcome!

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    I agree with cackalackie. If the meal itself is going to feature many thanksgiving faves (turkey, stuffing, etc.), I would recommend a starter that is small but maybe has a bold flavor. I'm thinking something with traditional thanksgiving flavor--cranberry, pumpkin, or something nutty--but only a "taste" of it, not a full plate or bowl.

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    I agree, Thanksgiving has so many side dishes - so many more than a typical meal - I tend to not even eat anything all day to make room!

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    I concur with the other posters about too many dishes at Thanksgiving, you don't need to go crazy on the starters.

    But since you mentioned that it was a fundraising dinner, I'm not sure what the atmosphere will be.

    If this is more of a formal affair - or she isn't planning 18 side dishes - she may want something a bit special.

    A butternut squash or pumpkin soup might be nice for seated guests (or it could be overkill if she is having pumpkin in her dessert)

    Bacon wrapped waterchestnuts or prosciutto wrapped melon are big flavor, low effort hors d'oeuvre if she wants something passed on trays.

    For a more informal event, a simple crudite or some spiced nuts should have things covered.

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    Thank you so much for your help, it sounds similar to Christmas celebrations, and thank you for the suggestions you all made.
    You are right, craftfetish, there are not going to be all the traditional side dishes, hence requiring a starter. Soup's probably a good plan considering its likely to be 50-60 odd people, the snacks will help too.
    Will pass all this information on to my friend, thanks again!


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