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    A quick 'n' dirty recipe- turkey

    I came home tonight and I was tired- really tired. And I had turkey breast in the fridge. Why, I don't know. I hate turkey breast. For some reason I bought it. But like I said- I was really tired. And hungry. And I'd had a rough day.

    So. I wanted to cook the turkey breast that had ben in the fridge for a couple of days. And I wanted to cook it fast.

    Luckily I had gone to the Chocolate Show this past weekend, an I had bought some spice mix for white meat. For some reason I had convinced myself that this was a solid turkey breast, but it wasn't- it was all nice and sliced.

    Sliced real turkey breast. Exotic-smelling spices. And on hand, a half bottle of white burgundy. Even better- some fresh lemon thyme, bought this weekend.

    Slathered the slices of breast with spices. Pulled some lemon thyme off the stems and threw it on the turkey as filler. Rolled each piece up. Too hungry to toothpick or tie them. Opened the wine- it was good. Poured some olive oil in the pan. Added some unsalted butter. Added some wine. Gently placed the rolled-up turkey in the hot pan, all four pieces. Let them cook over low-medium heat, turning them as they turned white so they wouldn't get tough. Listened to them sizzle as I turned them bit by bit. When they were cooked I took them out of the pan, made a quick roux of flour and cold water, and poured some more wine in the pan to deglaze it. Added the roux and stirred it in. Added some ground pepper and sea salt. Added some more thyme- just a bit. Added some butter to make the sauce glossy. Turned the pan off, and poured some of the sauce over one of the rolled turkey pieces. It was f---ing fantastic. Had a small glass of wine. Saluted my ingenuity with another quick 'n'dirty recipe, which is what I call it when I just have to do something fast and I don't worry about the niceties.

    I'll clean up the kitchen in the morning. My mind and tummy are now happy.

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    anthrogirl, maybe you should look into giving cooking classes in addition to the craft classes! :-)

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    I'm thinking about that. I'm going to be spending part of this weekend doing some research into the best way to use my non-academic skills to make money- I've reached a point where I know I have a good amount to offer. I just have to figure out how to package it.


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