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    Shipping holiday goodies?

    This year is the first year i'll be sending some homemade goodies to faraway friends. I've never sent any sort of food stuffs through the mail- any advice? Like what kind of shipping I should do, packaging tips, etc.
    I'll be sending out peppermint bark, which after its made has a shelf life of about four days to a week, room temp, and most likely cookies, with a shelf life of 2-3 days after baked. thxxx

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    Depends on where you are sending it, containers and such.
    I am really loving the ziploc twist top containers and I recommed them for packing brittle in.
    The post can be a little unpredictable at this time of year, but I am pretty happy with the postal service, I send most everything 2-3 day priority.

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    I tend to go with the ziploc/gladware disposable tupperware type containers. And then cram every nook and cranny full of wax paper so that the treats don't move around. (Shake it/toss it/drop it on the floor - if nothing moves, it is ready to mail)

    Then cushion your tupperware in a larger box with packing paper or those bags of air or peanuts or whatever.

    As for shipping method - I usually go Priority Mail. Althought they say three days, it usually takes two days to get from where I am to where I am shipping. You can check those sorts of estimates on UPS/FedEx & USPS's websites for the zip codes you need. See if you can get overnight or 2 day service for 3 day prices.

    As for shipping, it depends on where you are going.

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    I don't send a lot of treats through the mail but my friend Denisa is a great dessert maker and often sends treats. She uses the gladware containers and wax paper with the priority mail and everything arrives safely and is very yummy!


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