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    Has anyone done the South Beach diet? Any advice?


    I've started the South Beach diet and am on day 6. Has anyone done this diet? What did you think of it? Do you have any menu suggestions? Any other tips for staying on this diet?

    If you haven't done it - I will share with you that the first two weeks you can only have protein and vegetables. You are getting rid of the sugar in your system to remove cravings (at least that's how I understand why we do it). Then you can add in some carbs like fruit and grains. So I've got 8 more days till I can eat a nectarine..... sigh..... HELP ME!

    :) Abigail

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    I tried South Beach but by day three I was starting to feel really sick so I stopped it. My parents have both done the atkins and lost about 40 pounds each. They bought a steamer and steam veggies every night with their dinner. I'll have to get the recipe from them but they found a really good Italian chicken recipe. I think it's dry italian dressing mix, parmesean cheese and back it 35 minutes on 350 but I'll double check with them.

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    A friend of mine lost about 20 pounds or so on South Beach, but then gained it all back when she quit, which was just when she got to where she wanted to be. I need to introduce some lifestyle changes myself, but I completely shun "diets."

    Anyway, I do happen to have the following recipe, which came from the South Beach Cookbook apparently.

    Beef Kebabs with Peanut Dipping Sauce

    Cup light soy sauce
    2 T brown sugar
    2 T sugar
    4 cloves garlic, pressed
    1-1/2 lbs sirloin steak, 1-1/2 think, cut into 1 pieces
    Cup creamy natural peanut butter
    Cup water
    3 T lime juice
    1 T finely chopped ginger
    t ground red pepper
    1 green bell pepper, cut into squares
    1 red bell pepper, cut into squares
    I large onion, cut into wedges

    Marinade: In a shallow dish, combine half the soy sauce, 1 T brown sugar, 1T sugar, and 2 of the garlic cloves. Add the steak; stir to coat. Let stand 20 minutes, stirring once.

    Dipping Sauce: In a heavy saucepan, on high heat, combine the peanut butter, water, lime juice, ginger, ground red pepper, the other half of the soy sauce, 1T brown sugar, 1T sugar, and the other 2 cloves garlic. Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture boils. Remove from heat.

    Coat the grill rack with Pam. Preheat grill to high. Thread steak, peppers, and onions onto 4 skewers and grill, turning occasionally for 10 minutes or until steak is no longer pink. Serve with the dipping sauce.

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    Asian Lettuce Wraps!

    Cook up some chicken or beef, make peanut sauce, then add julienned carrots and cucumber, and bean sprouts too! Wrap it in lettuce and eat like a burrito.

    We did SBD for a few weeks a while ago, worked pretty well too, though when we transitioned to phase two we essentially regained our old habits. Like any diet, if you don't make the changes permanently, the weight *will* come back.


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