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    Baby Shower HELP!

    Hi there Crafty people Ok, I am 6 months pregnant and my mother in law, mother and sisters are throwing us a COUPLES SHOWER. The thing is, I personally want it to be SUPER fun!!! I know I'm not supposed to plan it, but hey, I am @ least going to say what I want. I want it to be "END OF FREEDOM" shower... lol... No more partying, etc. The rest of lives is going to be DEDICATED to raising a child and I want to have fun with that This is our first. Does ANYONE have any suggestions? Ideas? Decoration ideas?

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    First of all, congratulations!

    Secondly, in answer to your question, I think it depends on your guest list. Are most of these people parents (who know what it's like)? Have they already attended numerous baby showers (are they sick of the usual silly games)?

    My friend and I hosted a couples shower recently for two expectant couples. We all (us and the two moms-to-be) decided to forego any silly games, and I decided just to go with a theme. My theme was pink - as they were both expecting girls. All the food (and punch) was pink.

    For decorations, I used little baby bottles as vases. I used baby washcloths as napkins and a cloth diaper to line a basket that was filled with rolls (or something). I thought about using a wipes box to hold the paper napkins. As we had two guests receiving gifts, I used boxes of wipes to indicate which end of the gift table was designated for which couple. (I poked a white paper towel through the slot and wrote the family name on it.)

    I thought about carrying around trays of shooters in those test-tube-looking things that children take medicine in - or the wee cups that are used for taking medicine in.

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    That sounds so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I love it! I love it!

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    There is also a company online that makes and sells great Diaper Cakes! They are actually like a three tier wedding cake with rolled cloth diapers. Very fun! Do a yahoo or google search for "diaper cake" and you'll see lots of results, including one for directions on making your own. Good luck and congrats!


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    I made a relatively inexpensive diaper cake for my sister last fall, and it was a hit. And my sister just adored it. I second the diaper cake fun. :)


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