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    Freezed foods and meats.

    I have no clue how long freezed things will last.

    freezed meats?
    freezed veggies?

    freezed meals?

    any idea of what is safe. and when to throw out.

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    Fruits and veggies are tricky, you don't want them to clump but you also want to blanch some of them first... This site has really good information and directions on freezing pretty much everything.

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    Frozen meat - 6 months to a year
    Frozen seafood - 3-6 months
    Frozen veggies - 2-6 months
    Frozen baked goods - 1-2 months
    Frozen pre-cooked/prepared dinners - 1-2 months

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    I like to marinate my meat before I freeze them.

    When you go to cook them, it's best to defrost slowly in the fridge overnight.

    Tip for freezing fruit - put them on a baking/cookie sheet. When they're frozen, transfer them to a big Ziplock bag/tupperware container when they're frozen.


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