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    Recipe from China

    A friend from China showed me how to make this potato salad.

    ~Start with some potatoes, we used maybe 3 or 4.
    ~Slice as though to make Au Gratin style.
    ~Then slant your potato so that the slices are overlapping closely.
    ~Begin chopping so as to create shoestring type pieces of potato.
    ~Soak in water briefly
    (they do this to remove the part that "makes you fat" according to her-- i'm not really sure- starch?)
    ~ Boil briefly (eye it- i'm not sure on time-- enough to cook but no to mush)
    ~Heat some sesame or vege oil in a frying pan with some hot pepper flakes/corns
    ~Remove potatoes, drain and place on plate
    ~Toss on oil and then mix in some vinegar and salt and or sugar to taste (nix sugar if using cider vinegar)
    ~Enjoy warm or over there they enjoy it cold

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    Damn that sounds good. Thanks for sharing! I'll bet sweet potatoes would be good like that too.

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    Oh! I have a good one for sweet potatoes -- slice 'em thin, toss them in a bowl with some olive oil & salt, and lay them out on the grill. Cook & flip until both sides are crispy. Remove & put on paper towels to drain, and voila! Ridiculously good.

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    Best thing I ate in China

    (besides Peking duck, which was all of $5 at a place two blocks from our compound... yum!)

    Corn with Pine Nuts

    It's a dish from Xi'an, where the terracotta soldiers are from. It's in the Western part of the country, so you don't see this kind of food overseas - most emigrating Chinese come from the coastal cities.


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