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    How does one prepare caviar for a bridal shower? My best friend that is getting married LOVEs this stuff...I''ve never had it. Is it expensive?

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    Yes it is expensive and on top the fish that produces it, sturgeon, is threatened to be extinct. Not very pc in my opinion. Perhaps try a fake alternative? Will she taste the difference?

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    There are other alternatives besides sturgeon - salmon roe and black/whitefish caviar are also available and much less expensive. I'm guessing you could definitely taste the difference with fake caviar though I've never heard of or seen it (save for the molecular gastronomy types where they make beet caviar, etc. eek!) With regards to being PC, most fish are being overfished right now and almost all farm-raised fish are being forced onto corn-based diets so anything seafood related is probably not good if you are concerned about that.

    Traditionally it's served on potato pancakes or "blinis" but you can also use crostini. Just take a baguette, cut it thinly and toast the slices.

    Minced sweet onion, chopped hardboiled egg (whites and yolks separated), dill, creme fraiche and lemon are some traditional toppings.


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