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    pairing food / wine

    Does anyone have any advice on figuring out how to pair foods and wines? I always struggle with this! Bordeuax has a great tool on their website that helps you figure out what wine goes with whatever you're cooking. I'm thinking about pasta tonight, and it suggested a Chateau Pey La Tour from Bordeaux :)

    It's really helpful! It's at if anyone is interested...

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    it's really hard to learn from a book or site. those are good for telling you the typical base notes for the wine. i learned by trial and error because taste is subjective.

    but here are a few tips:
    things with cream sauce go nicely with acidic whites (sauvignon blanc, etc)

    roasted chicken or pork are strong enough to handle a red zinfandel, which is a little on the peppery side

    the key is to balance acidity, flavor and body. you don't want a super heavy wine with a delicate dish.

    this is a pretty sensible article from the wine doctor that makes a lot of sense:

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    I have tip for you ,If you wants wine and chocolate pairings, simply picking up a few bars of Green and Black's organic, premium chocolate is a good way to start. By taking a "mix and match" approach to finding your own personal palate preferences when it comes to pairing wine and chocolate, you'll gain "hands-on" knowledge of which wines really complement which chocolate combinations. By opening several bars of chocolate with a few bottles of wine you'll be able to take each chocolate through a "mini" series of wine pairings to see which combinations rise to the top.


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