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    art and craft software

    Hello. I hope that I am allowed to post this. Anyway...

    Over the last month I have been a beta tester for a piece of software called Digigraph 3. I didn't in any way create or code it - I just beta tested it. I am listed in the manual as a beta tester.; yes I am posting here under my real name. It creates digital graph paper on which you can program patterns and shapes. It does a lot more than that. But that is it in a nutshell.

    I noticed when Digigraph 2 came out a few years ago that people who were into art/craft seemed to like digigraph a lot. Now, I am not into craft. I wouldn't know the difference between a sewing pattern and a potato. But people who are into crafty stuff seemed to enjoy using digigraph to make patterns that they printed out.

    So if anyone is interested go to knighttrek productions at: KnightTrek Productions - Home.

    There is a "lite" version that is free as well as a paid fully functional version. I enjoyed playing with it. It seems to be fairly unique to me. I couldn't find any other software that set out to make a digital form of graph paper and drawing.

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