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    Cheesecloth for Flowers

    I've recently fell in love with cheesecloth. Besides being so handy in the kitchen, it's also wonderful for crafts. I've been trying my hand at different cheesecloth flower tutorials (there are so many!). I've also been experimenting with all the different grades of cheesecloth, trying to decide what is best for what. Grade 90 is the tightest, 10 the loosest. Sometimes it's better to use a loose weave, but folded. I love it!

    Anyway, thought I'd share one flower tutorial. I like to write them up as well. And I'll reveal my secret cheesecloth place that I get it from
    Cheesecloth fabric flower tutorial - YouTube

    Start with square of cheesecloth, size of your preference.

    Fold in half, then fold in half again, making Ė four (4) layers. [This flower may also me done with two layers or three layers, achieving different effects. The optimal way is with four. Personal preference plays a role.]

    Apply either Modge Podge (a combination of sealer, glue and finish) or fabric stiffener. Modge Podge makes it a little stiffer. If it is too stiff, you can add light amounts of water.

    Then cut out the flower shape. Standard shape will be a ring of semi-circles as basic petals.
    Select your dye or paint choice, and apply. Make sure to use only dabbing motions, rather than strokes, as stroking can disturb the fabric. It takes time, so have patience. Good art take time and care.

    Then cut between the petals a litter bit (using scissors), and use tweezers to twist the petals.

    Then apply puffy paint (pure white color) around the edges.
    Let it dry, about 20 minutes.

    Heat up the edges of the paint to fluff it out (hair dryer works).

    Then take your hot glue gun and glue them together.

    Use a rhinestone for the center. Preferably plain, so that you can color it in order to match the color of the flower.
    Take needle and thread. Make a little loop. Pull the pin through the flower then sow it back in, through the loop. And go through again. You want to take about 22 silver brads and sew them as a ring around the center rhinestone. Make sure you go through several times around the ring to secure it tightly. And youíre all done!

    And itís really, really pretty!

    Cheesecloth should be grade 50. You can get cheesecloth at Walmart or any fabric store, but there is a great place to get it, where you can any grade too -

    Good luck! Hope you enjoy!
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    i get mine from its not easy to find i had to use search


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