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    The kind of necklace

    Necklace has many different kinds , there are :
    the kind of Emerald
    the kind of Gold and silver
    the kind of Crystal
    the kind of Jasper
    Necklace has various kinds, and the modelling is rich, it has the stronger adornment. For all kinds of necklaces for proper wear to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses of modification. When wearing the necklace, should pay attention to the following aspects:
    (1) the necklace and clothing
    Wear necklace should obtain harmonious clothing and echo. Such as: when dressed in soft, elegant silk dress, wearing a delicate, delicate necklace, will look more beautiful.
    (2) the necklace and clothing color
    The color of the necklace with the clothing color contrast is tonal for good, so can form bright contrast. Such as: monochrome or plain coloured clothing, wearing bright necklace, can make the jewelry more striking, in the ornament of jewelry, clothing color is rich. Colorful clothes, wearing a simple necklace, will not be flooded by the gorgeous clothing color and clothing color, can make sense of balance.
    (3) several jewelry to coordinate
    Xiang Lianyi and the same color, texture earrings or bracelet collocation to wear, so that it can receive the best effect. If the coat collar is two often playing bowknot type, had better not wear necklace, otherwise there will be burdensome feeling. Wear necklace, but also pay attention to a meeting of the switch that circle necklace, this switch are equipped with wire uranium type spring, when clicked shoulds not be too hard, prevent spring break.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    thank you for this precious information

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    Your post is nice. I would like to include this article to Long Island Pulse Magazine as it seems something new and interesting.

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    This is something very nice and brand new information. Thanks for sharing your post. I will surely follow your tips.


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