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    Dyeing small wooden cubes

    I'm looking to make "pixel art" by gluing together small wooden cubes. Unpainted wooden cubes are quite affordable. However, painted ones are not. Additionally, they don't come in too many colors. Painting the cubes myself seems like the only solution. Problem is, I'm not the best painter . Also, there may be five or six hundred cubes. I don't really want to paint that many. Here the solution seems to be to dye them . I have read that you can make dye by watering down acrylic paint. But I don't have any experience with it. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Should I simply dip the cubes and then remove them or should I soak them?

    2. What's the proper paint to water ratio? Will the color of the water accurately reflect the color of the died wood?

    Any other tips would be welcome and much appreciated. I need the color to last and be decently saturated. I think it would look okay if some of the wood grain was still showing but the colors definitely need to be easily visible from a distance.,,
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    I prefer to soak wood. You the ratio depends on the pain really. You can die wood using koolaid as well. I have done that with my daughter.

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    Great that you have done all with your daughter.

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    Soooo cute


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