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Thread: DIY wood bars

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    DIY wood bars

    Hello everyone,

    We have a unique product that might help your DIY ideas become easier.

    We currently have the Woods Bars available on Amazon in different sizes.

    This is our beginner package that has an instruction manual that introduces you to a few standard model. this package includes nails and wood glue for you also.

    this is a few samples that were made from this package.

    We also have few other sizes that sold separate which you might also be interested in:

    Please let us know your comment and feedback. Also, Please share with us your design and accomplishment.

    Thank you very much, everyone!

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    If anyone want to buy handmade wooden jewellery box, watch box & many more.
    then i thnk u should check silkrute this site will be helpful..

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    Those are really cute! I like the one that lights up. I seen something like this at the store before and they were asking $40 for it!

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    Great! I wanna try to do it

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    Wow, I love wooden products!

    I actually found another site that is doing something similar.

    The company is called WUD Apparel and they handmake wooden watches from a plank of wood! And all of their products are eco-friendly and made with the environment in mind.

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    Wow really amazing


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