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    Choosing a sewing machine for a niece

    Hi, ladies!
    It seems like I need your help. The reason is that I'm looking for a small sewing machine for my niece - as she's just learning to cut patterns, we're preparing to take a beginner's sewing class and she don't have space at home to set up a permanent workshop. Would a portable sewing machine (multi-stitch, like these for instance) be enough for her as she start out, make perhaps a few skirts or pair of trousers, and figure out how garments are put together? That's why I'm asking - is there's anyone at this forum who uses a mini machine?
    As for now I've narrowed down our options to these models: Singer Start 1304, KPCB Mini (though it might be way too cheap, but it was recommended by consumer research) and Janome basic. Personally, I've never tried any of these before, and even If I could test some of them by myself, there are still plenty of issues that only an owner might find. So, I'm looking for some feedback

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