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    Want to buy a printer for my wife


    First post here. My wife is very unhappy with both my Canon and HP printers. She is into crafts that need to print envelope, card stock of different sizes. We have/had like 5 Canon all in one inkjet and one gets worst than the other. I want to come here on the craft forum to get suggestions on a printer ( well prefer All-IN-One, but I will buy dedicated printer if necessary). Thanks

    My wife is NOT good with computers and hardware, I need a printer that is easy to use and consistent. That's what the Canons are really really bad. It asked all sort of questions and then don't print right( according to her). Really what she need is to buy a 20 years old printer that doesn't have all the funny things, just good old simple minded printer.

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    Look on the internet

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    I think that on the Internet you can find many different printer models that you like. I am sure that you can choose the best one for yourself.

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    A printer is a printing device for outputting text or graphic information stored in a computer or mobile gadgets in digital form to all kinds of media - paper, photo paper, transparencies, envelopes, etc.

    Today, such equipment is increasingly being bought not at the offices of commercial organizations and government agencies, but at home so that it is possible, if necessary, to print the necessary document, schedule or image. A good home printer is especially necessary for schoolchildren and students who have to constantly print essays, reports, presentations, term papers and diplomas. It’s good if you can also use it to print photos, because it’s much easier and faster than contacting professional studios.

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    I think that you should not save on this and should purchase a high-quality modern laser printer of a popular brand. If your money is not enough for this, you can take a quick loan. Do not worry, you can seek help from this highly professional company in Colorado and they will find the best lenders for you. I guarantee their reliability

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    I am not trying to save money, actually I bought two printers, the HP is over $200 and even the Canon is over $100, not the $39.99 stuffs. Both are for office use, not for home use only. I know how to look on internet, but it does not help, it's not about whether they can do the job, I want advice from people that actually own and use and find it's good. Quality of the print is not even an issue, it's the ease of operating, consistency that is important.

    My big boss(wife) and computer don't exactly getting along, the newer the printer, to more it's harder to use because they try to be user friendly, asking you this, are you sure that's what you want, then come out wrong. I can see her frustration. She just need something that is simple, consistent and easy to use.

    No, spending more money is NOT the answer, they just get more complicated and harder to use. Like I said, I spent over $200 on the HP, that was a dog for her. She was so happy with the old HP office jet we had, nice and simple, it broke down after 20 years, I should have spend the money to fix it, I made the mistake of thinking I can get a newer and better printer and I dumped it away. That's the biggest mistake.

    Today's printer is so advanced, it actually go online and update their software AND work a little differently from time to time. She wrote down the steps how to do certain things, then it changed!!! She want something simple, consistent and reliable.

    Canon is about the worst, we have like 6 or 7 of them, they are NOT reliable, inconsistent. They even get confused and have to unplug the power to reset the printer. This is consistent across many different models.
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