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    Friend finder Austin Texas

    Hey all Austinites! I am going to post here, figured I cant lose anything.

    Im looking for a few friends or even one good one that shares the same things I do, values and such. I am in North Austin area, well Leander area actually. I moved back here 6 years ago.

    I have had some good friends over the years, but moves, babies, have taken every single friend, best friends I had. And I am getting tired of meeting flakey people, who use you untill something better comes along. I would LOVE to find a good friend, best friend even, who shares the love of getting crafty, trying to juggle a family, make a biz happen, clean house, and go out everyonce in awile.

    I have a family, with 2 kids, I am 28, well 29 on Saturday, I love getting crafty, I love and have animals, like going out when $ affords, I love to dance, country dancing is my favorite, and if you cant but want to learn, well I bet I can give a darn good try teaching you. But when $ is short, well getting together doing crafty stuff, watching movies with kids piled on laps, manicures, anything fun is good.

    I have a few friends, who live in south Austin, and its just to hard to get together enough to really make a friendship grow. Im a faithful friend, always got your back, a shoulder to cry on, advice when asked for, an ear to listen, but I wear my heart on my sleeve, and most of the greatest friendships ive had have been soul mate types. Id love someone who when everyone is going out, but you or I couldnt, well, wed stay behind so no one feels left out and alone. Get what I am trying to say? All of my best friends have been Virgos, as am I. Im not into jealousy, spitefulness, worlds just too short for that. I am just looking for a fellow square peg in this round world.

    SO if this is something that maybe calls to you, or youre just intrested in getting to know me better, let me know. I am not shallow, whats on the outside is no matter to me, I have tattoos and piercings, but go to church...

    Send me an email at You never know!

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