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    advice on starting a stitch n bitch group

    i got a letter today from a friend who is living in northern ireland. she has been living there for a couple of years and has had chronic fatigue syndrome for most of that time, so she has found it hard to meet people. she is starting to feel better and wants to hook up with other crafty types. i have been telling her about my own craft happenings like hosting stitch n bitches, founding the montreal chapter of the church of craft, participating in craft fairs, etc. so she asked me to send her along a diy guide to starting a craft group.

    the thing is, a whole bunch of specific circumstances led to me becoming involved in these things, and i don't know how much of my situation would be applicable to hers - i was in school, she is working, i met my partner in craft crime on the glitter boards before moving to montreal, and she doesn't know anyone crafty over there, i was volunteering at a community center that hosted alterna-craft fairs, etc. etc.

    can anyone think of some general advice to give someone re: meeting other young crafters in your hood?

    thanks ladies,

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    Athena had some great advice in the Meetup thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by athena
    just keep plugging along. we only had three people--me and two friends. i made sure to take pictures of us knitting and looking like not freaks. it also helped that i started taking a knitting class and got some of the other students to start coming, BUT so many people who have become members have specifically mentioned that they were grateful that i put the pictures up so they could see it would be a fun group.
    so, get the word out. email all your friends. print flyers and post them at coffee shops/cafes, bookstores, supermarket bulletin boards, the library. or just stick flyers wherever.
    I started Stitch 'n Bitch New Haven [Connecticut] much the same way. I got one friend to kip (knit in public) with me and I started a Yahoo group. I got it listed at and went to the local knitting Meetup ( to spread the word. I submitted a listing to the local news & arts weekly paper & put up flyers. I also bring flyers to our meetings, as people often come over and ask if they can join us. I open our meetings to men & women of all ages & skill levels who do any portable craft -- not just 20-something chicks with sticks.

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    If there is a coffeehouse or bookstore where she can post a flyer, that might help. Our stitch n bitch started when two women decided on a date, time and location and just put up flyers. we have had up to 20 people show up on any given night and meet weekly at one of our local coffeehouses. Another group I meet with met at the Studio Art Quilt Associates conference here in Athens and took it from there. If there are any shops, she can look/ask there or if there are any kind of exhibits there might be people there who would be interested.


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