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    "taking things in" depends on where you want to take in. If the waistband has elastic, take out some of it. Put darts(triangle areas) in the other pants. If the waistband is thick, you may have to take it off to do the darts. I would NOT cut anything until you had taken it in and tried it on. You might try looking on pattern manufacturers websights (simplicity, mcccalls)
    for information. Have you tried your local library, used bookstores for sewing books?

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    The local libary is pretty small but when I go back this week that is one of the books I want to look for. Some of the books I think are older than I.

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    I've had a sewing machine sitting in my dining room for almost a year now...untouched.

    When I was five my mom was letting me sew a piece of fabric, she made all our clothes and I sewed my finger instead! I'm using that as my excuse...and I'm sticking with it dammit!

    Everything I sew, I sew by hand. Yes I know its completely timestaking, and my seams aren't really all that even, but by doing that, I HAVE to stick to basic, easy projects, a rabbit for the baby, a tiny purse for my daughter. I figure I can't screw too much up there! Although I do. I tried making ornaments last week and they did not come out good at all. Hmmm, think I just unproved my point...what was I saying again?

    Now, where did I put my wine glass.....

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