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    i wish to learn!

    I've been wanting to learn how to sew FOREVER--nothing big, but just being able to fix tears in my Salvation Army clothes and maybe make a pillow or something. Does anyone have any tips or know of any books or anything I can look at?

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    This might not be the advice your looking for but...

    Do you have any older friends? Like around "grandma" age? I find the best teachers for me are from people that HAD to sew to get by during their lives. My both Grandmothers sewed in factories so they are experts. My one Grandmother is a little bit more patient than the other so I ask her for help. Now, you might not have a grammy anymore, or maybe she just doesn't sew. But I betcha you have a friend somewhere that wouldn't mind giving you a few tips. (try work, I pal around with the ladies of the red hat society and they are kick ass crafters) Books are alright, and I can't say I don't look at them from time to time for reference. But nothing beats one on one help. I've had major problems with my sewing and now grammy has come to the rescue. She was there all along! She's currently helping me figure out how to take in pants so they don't fall off my butt. Next we are going to try sewing darts into fabric. yippee!!!

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    Bohemme-anne has it right, its best to learn from someone who knows. But geez, its not rocket science. Get a machine and a super easy pattern (it will say "for beginners") and get yourself familiar with how it goes.

    If thats more than youre looking for , and litterally want to fix up your old clothes, just buy some needles and thread and experiment a bit. It will cost you maybe 3$. A bad rip in a cool shirt can look great if its mended in a funky colored emboidery floss. Just trust your instincts.

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    i first learned how to sew by taking apart my own clothes to see how they were made. maybe you can start with a skirt of something like that. if you want a really good guide to sewing that shows you all sorts of different seams and stitches, pockets, collars, sleeves, etc etc etc check this out:

    Readers Digest Guide to Sewing

    good luck!

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    I'm a big person for classes (in lieu of Grandma, and because my sewing mom is about 3k miles away). Maybe see if a fabric store near you has any beginning sewing classes you can take?


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