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Thread: Global Knitwork

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    Global Knitwork

    Hey everyone,

    I'm from Australia. Most people here, I gather, are from either the States or Canada. I've never knitted. I have NO IDEA how to do it. But I want to learn, and I was just wondering: Are knitting terms and techniques different in the States then in Australia? I ask this because I'm going on a web search to try and find some sites that teach the basics of knitting, and I wondered if Aussies and Americans use the same terminology etc when knitting up a storm.

    Kind of like learning Australian-English and American-English. Same thing, only a bit different.

    And also, can anyone save me from abusing Google all afternoon and point me to some great How-To-Knit sites?? Itd be much appreciated!

    (To all the Australians at GetCrafty - Happy Australia Day - don't party too hard!!!)

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    first, here is a great site with videos!

    i'm not sure about australian knitting terminology, but i know there is a slight difference between american and british terminology. for the most part, you can just figure it out. i think there is a book out there somewhere that actually translates knitting pattern instructions from many different languagues, but i don't know the name.

    athena :-)


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