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    Austin Craft Mafia?

    My coworker just mentioned this to me today. The name sounds vaguely familiar, but I'm not sure if I've heard of it or seen it discussed here before. She says that SublimeStitcher and some other big-name craft people are in on it, and I told her that I "know" Jenny from these boards.

    She (my coworker) and a few others are trying to get a similar group going here in Denver. They're scouting out venues to hold craft fairs at, but it sounds like they don't have very many people involved yet.

    Can anyone give me any more background on the group? How about others in the Denver (Boulder, Ft. Collins, etc.) area who are interested too? It definitely sounds like something I'd like to join.

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    craft mafias

    There are also a lot of other craft mafias, I think Chicago, UK, etc...If you go to the "Start your own damnCraft Mafia" part of the page, there are links to others and you can talk to people about how they organized their groups and what the goals are...
    Also, I founded the Orlando Craft Mafia...we just had our first meeting, and I am always interested in brainstorming with other folks about this, so if you want to throw ideas at each me


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