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    how to throw a girly clothing swap

    How to throw a clothes swap aka naked lady party:
    Save your unwanted clothes (shoes, accessories, nail polish and even sheets have also been known to be traded) in a bag, throw a party, share the goodies amongst yourselves and then take the leftovers to the local homeless shelter or thrift store. All you need is a private place with lots of room & a full-length mirror.

    The basic rules are:
    1. Clothes must be cleaned & in good repair.
    2. You don't "trade" one garment for one garment -- you pour all the bags into a pile and dive in!
    3. It's fair to set aside a couple of goodies that you know would suit one person in particular, but this should be kept to a minimum to promote the feeling of sharing.
    4. If you see something at the same time as someone else, be polite and let her try it on. Maybe you won't like it, so fighting or arguing will have been for nothing. Maybe it's absolutely perfect for her and meant to be hers. Maybe she won't like it & you'll get it without a fuss.
    5. No boys allowed! Boys' clothing is of course a whole 'nother thing -- who doesn't like castoff jeans and t-shirts?

    PS. I got this info from

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    girly kid stuff too

    I take all my daughter's old clothes to a resale shop, get a credit and then buy someone else's kid's hand-me-downs. I think I'll organize a kid clothing swap party and eliminate the middle man.

    "Naked kid party?"



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