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    WHERE do you meet?

    I'm sure there are bunches of you who get together in various groups to craft. I'm trying to start a regular "craft-up" in my city, but I'm stumped as to where to have it. So for those who get together - where do ya meet?

    The group will be too large to meet is someone's home (plus, there's the possiblity of there always being folks nobody knows). I know I can be a little obsessive - but I'm thinking a resturant/coffee house/etc. might be too dirty for some folks crafts, plus I know I'd do more eating/drinking than crafting! I was thinking an art space/gallery... but then we start talking $.

    Any input would be great! Thanks ya'll!

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    Maybe a church, YMCA or rec center would be open to donating space for this? The crafters probably aren't any messier than sunday school kids or summer camp kids, right?

    I think a church might be down if you did some sort of trade off... collect a canned good from each crafter to pass on to the church or donate handmade items for an auction to raise $ for them? Just an idea. I don't live in RVA but I'm definitely interested in coming to the meetups.

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    My Stitch & Bitch group regularly meets at a coffee shop. It's an indie place, relatively new but fast becoming popular and successful. We meet there at times when it's likely to be less busy (weeknights or weekend afternoons) - the owners are very nice and appreciate the business we bring in. I introduced some friends from a different craft group to the place, and that group has started meeting there too.

    Things to look for in a meeting place:
    - Enough room to hold the whole group comfortably without encroaching on other patrons' space
    - Good lighting and acoustics - you should be able to see what you're working on and hold a conversation without having to yell
    - Friendly staff who appreciate your business and don't treat your group as an annoyance
    - Nonsmoking space available (your mileage may vary on this one, but I wouldn't bring a knitting project to a place where it would end up smelling like smoke)
    - Affordable menu/refreshments

    Things you can do to make your group welcome:
    - Schedule meetings at a set regular day & time so staff know when to expect your group
    - Meet at a time when business there is otherwise slow
    - If it's an eating establishment, everyone should buy at least one food/drink item during the meeting (it's impolite just to take up space at a business without, y'know, actually doing business with them)

    There's nothing wrong with trying out different places until you happen upon the perfect one to suit your needs. Many coffee shops do have plenty of room to craft without food getting in the way (I often ask for my drink in a to-go cup with a lid to prevent spillage). Places I've found don't work are noisy, dimly lit, smoky bars - for obvious reasons.

    And then there was the one time my S&B decided to move, just for a change of scenery...we tolerated the dim lighting, overpriced food and lack of work space - but the final straw was when someone's knitting bag on the floor was soaked with water from an overflowing toilet (and the staff made no attempt at compensation). We haven't strayed from our regular coffee shop since.


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