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    Garage Sale Fundraiser

    I love the bake sale idea for fundraising. How about expanding it to a big garage sale fundraiser?

    I'm thinking of doing something here in Taos because I missed yesterday's bake sale.

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    I also want to do something like this in NYC. After the bake sale, SO many people have expressed interest in helping out. So right now, I'm doing the background work in finding a location.

    The one question I have is, how to deal with campaign finance laws? What if we sell a couch for $100...does the person buying the counch have to fill out a donation form?

    Does anyone have a resource that helps explain the laws around fundraising?

    Another idea I had was to have a crafty fundraiser, where crafty people can make scarves, jewelry, etc and sell them. If anyone is interested in donating, let me know...

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    Ah man, I hadn't even thought of the donation laws! Hmm, maybe contact that local Dem/Rep office in your area? That's what I'll probably do.

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    I think it's a great idea! When I was in fourth grade I started a club with my friends called The Safari Club. We had a couple of garage sales and donated the money to Greenpeace. :) It seemed pretty successful as a fourth grader although I think we really only ended up with $50 per sale or so, since the merchandise consisted of things like used My Little Ponies. But you know, when I was that age $50 was a ton of cash.


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