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    I need the crafty dish on Miami! Good boutiques (uhh...affordable boutiques I mean), bead stores, fabric stores, art stores, etc.

    I've been there a few times, but i've always done all the tourist things. I'm going with my husband (who flies there every other work to manage an office there) and just realized I am out of tourist places to see and now I need to find some good local stuff.

    I've been to Pearl on South Dixie already.

    Also (this may sound really dumb), I need someone to tell me I am stupid for feeling intimidated about Calle Ocho and Little Havana. I am so infactuated with the Cuban culture and I soooo want to hang out down there this time, but i'm afraid of sticking out like a sore blonde Indiana girl thumb. My 5+ years of A+'s in Spanish are long gone except for the basics and so far i've only gotten snickered at while trying to use it while in Miami.

    If I had someone to go with me, i'd feel better, but during the day i'm on my own while the man works. I always think of myself as adventurous and daring, but for some reason, i'm being a big chicken about this. Someone please lecture me!

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