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    Window treatments - Big Island

    Looking for creative ideas for making a curtain or valance out of one white, twin size sheet. I am esp. interested in ideas not using a curtain rod of any sort. I tried HGTV and did not find what I am looking for. Any ideas are welcome!

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    Steph, you aren't giving us a whole lot to go on.

    Why one sheet, why no rod, what sort of look? Is it for privacy or for drama or for glare reduction?

    For instance, you could gather and staple above the window frame, maybe with a piece of molding or a rope to hide the staples. Then it could be gathered to the side and puddle on the floor.

    Or it could be velcro'd up. Buy adhesive velcro and apply the hook side to the wall. The loop side could be sewn or glued in evenly spaced spots on the sheet top or side so that the 'curtain' could be put up to either cover or remain open. The gaps between the velcro on the sheet would allow a break or a loose fall of the curtain top.

    Or attach large shells (hooks/sconces/pegs/nails) to the wall above the window, loosely gather the sheet and drape it over those points. You might want to rip the sheet in half down the center if you want long jabots on either side or if it seems too full where it gathers.

    Or you could rip the sheet vertically in four inch wide strips, leaving it attached at one hem. That hem gets gathered and stapled to the wall, but the rest of it hangs, loose and fluttery. Could knot a few of the strips here and there for interest.

    I've tacked pillowcases and sheets over windows the first few days in a new old house. Not lovely, but utilitarian.

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    sheet curtains

    For real drama and to hide the thriftiness of white sheets-buy a roll of colored ribbon (if you like color) or a roll of clear fishing line...

    hang the sheet from the ceiling with s-hooks (by tying the ribbon or line from the s-hook to the top of the sheet) and with a needle run the ribbon or fishing line in verticle stripes down the sheet using loose gather stitches. This will create a gather in the fabric and make the sheet slightly poofy as to disguise its original also makes any length you need...decorate as desired...


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