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    where oh where are the Australian crafters?????

    I love browsing all the DIY sites that sell their wares and I am yet to stumble across an Aussie crafters site. Please help me... If your a Aussie fashionista creating funky threads for sale in the cyber world send me your URL .. or if you now of such a site let me know.

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    Hi, I'm from NSW and I feel the same way - I wish there were more people from Aus creating and taking part in things like this, or somehow advertising where you can buy unique and interesting, "crafty"-type things.

    Depending on your taste of course, one site you might be interested in is

    I love it - it sells 50's inspired dresses, skirts and accessories. I have a purple Katie Kitten bag and everyone I know comments on it. I'm checking the site everyday because the summer dresses are due soon.

    The Glamourpuss shop is in Manly but the website ships things around the world. It's worth a look.

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    Aussie Crafters

    I can't answer your question about websites but I have run into a couple of Aussies in some of my msn craft groups



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